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Welcome to the Nakata High School Horror Cinema Club!

After three years away, Tanaka's family has moved back to their hometown, just in time for Tanaka to start high school. Being the not-new-new-kid, Tanaka has been having trouble meeting new people- but his luck may be turning around. The Horror Cinema Club is looking for a new member- and it's full of cute girls!

As Tanaka soon finds out, however, the Horror Cinema Club is devoted to ALL things horror. That's how they find themselves exploring a strange abandoned house, hoping to find whatever sent its last visitors running for the hills. The Horror Cinema Club may be over their heads, however, because if there's one thing that's for sure...

It's that this house is not abandoned.

...but nevermind all that boring stuff! Tanaka has to get to know his clubmates first! 

There's Rika, the sly childhood friend who loves gaming, snacking, and teasing,

Mariko, the refined girl from a well-to-do family who tries to hide her quick temper and “unladylike” interests,

Kira, the quiet transfer student whose imposing height clashes with her shy demeanor,

and of course, Mei, the aloof club president whose intense devotion to all things horror has earned her quite the reputation... as well as the nickname



HIMEIHIME is still currently in development! This demo should not be taken as indicative of the final product. Art, music, writing, GUI, and all other assets are not final and are still subject to change. Please feel free to leave any feedback- especially related to bugs, errors, or typos- in the comment field.

This demo is currently rated PG-13 for horror imagery and teen swearing.


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Got around to playing this a year late (aaaahhh) and I loved it. The dialogue's clever, the characterizations earnest (the social anxieties of high school manifested in different ways) and varied, and the horror lurks temptingly at the fringes. I don't know if you're still working on this particular project, but I'm excited to see whatever you come out with next.

i loved this demo and i can't wait for the full version of the game!!!

Gorgeous game so far. I love Mei's personality, and Rika and Mariko are lovely as well. (Kira is adorable). I really like how we talked about horror so much; it was well fitting. I can't wait until it's out! I think the shading on some of the clothing could be fixed, but I think the art really fits.