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But sometimes that isn't so easy. It definitely isn't for Diego Foxglove, a 6'4'' former drug dealer who sprouts mutant mouths and turns into a giant wolf-dog to fight killer alien fungus. If it's not the vague specter of society looking down on him for being an immigrant, an Excentric, or both, it's faces from his tangled past coming back to quite literally give him grief. Diego wants nothing more than to keep his head down and away from the many things troubling him, but that seems all but impossible.

Except it isn't- because as it turns out, Diego has one more ability that he never knew about. A different form. Something smaller, more inconspicuous, more... fluffy?

POM SIMULATOR 9000 is a Twine-based visual novel (with illustrations!!!) centered on relaxation, emotional vulnerability, and turning into a dog. There are 3 "bad ends," 1 pretty good end, and 1 True End. Can you find them all? Do you want to???

POM SIMULATOR 9000 has over 23k words of material to explore! In this game you can

  • turn into a dog!
  • chase small animals!
  • open your face!
  • get pet!
  • make up with your girlfriend!
  • make things much much worse with your girlfriend!
  • learn about history!
  • discover things about yourself???
  • and more!

POM SIMULATOR 9000 is rated PG-13 for blood/gore, swearing, and mild sexual themes. Other content includes body horror, racism, mentions of abuse, drugs, and violence.

You can learn more about some of these characters here.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
Authord Marie
Made withTwine
TagsCozy, Cute, Dogs, illustrated, Relaxing, Romance, Sci-fi, Text based, transformation, Twine


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When I try to open the html it just says "It's all business as usual"

you need to click the red word to start the game

ok thank you


This was very sweet! The art really added to the whole experience. I laughed when the image of pomeranian-Diego growling at the creepy guy popped up. 

I relate to Diego a lot, as someone who tends to come across as angry and intimidating, when all I want is to be soft and kind. "In a world that believes you to be a beast, to be tender is a revolution." Mwah. Thank you for this.


played it through to the true ending and holy????? cow?????? i'm not a huge romance guy but diego's relationship with calliope is just. so perfect. i love them both so much. i'm honestly scared to find the other endings bc i just want them to be happy and cuddling and fighting evil mushrooms together forever


No, thank *you*, for making this game. 


This was so much fun to read! Diego (am I right in thinking it's the same Diego from 'Un Cien, Una Semana'?) and Calliope are both wonderfully written, it went from cute and funny with the pom antics to deeply emotional so smoothly. Got the true ending on my first try but it was a lot of fun going back for the other ones, especially with all of the little notes added. And that authors note with the true ending was very heartwarming; it actually feels quite meaningful given the current situation. Love it, will definitely be returning to this one in the future. 

I just finished the game and it was very sweet and good. Also the art is great!

This was really good. Thanks for making it. I'm glad I was able to have experienced this.

I really enjoyed the game. Thank you for giving me a moment to imagine.

and with this i went through everything you made.

guess you have to make more :)

I really enjoyed the story, it was beautiful.


Intensely emotional and relatable, I cried throughout. Please play it and appreciate the amazing writing, incredible characterization and the cutest darn Pomeranian!


If you're reading the comments to decide if you want to play this, give it a shot. I know it looks weird but it's really good. I cried. Twice.

I happened to play to distract myself from a really upsetting day I had, and I got to at least in that time have a moment of peace. Thank you.


This is a lovely story. I felt the pacing per page was really nice, and i felt a lot of empathy and compassion for the characters. I haven't read a lot of stories via Twine, but I like how you've used it a lot!


I have just finished getting through this, and I'm typing through the tears on my face haha. 

This has just been... beautiful. A truly sweet, powerful story that we all should stand behind, with incredible messages and perspectives that just astounded me. I'm so glad I took the time to get through this, and I cannot send more love for this and the creator(s) then I already am. I'll definitely be recommending this to everyone I know.

Also... the Pomeranian moments were just the cutest thing I've ever read!

Thank you so much for making this.


I loved this so much!! It was included in the bundle. It was soft and sweet and had representation that I, as an autistic woman, thought was really interesting. Calliope is a really authentic portrait of an autistic person, but from outside - it was almost like taking a look at myself from a stranger's perspective, and I really appreciated that. Thank you ever so much for making it!!


Hey I'm on mac and the download takes me to a website that won't load - any suggestions? I really want to play this game


hello, i'm sorry that at the moment i can't offer advice, but i'm trying to look into the issue. downloading the game should only take you to another itch.io page, i'm not sure what this other website might be.

It was warm and soft and fuzzy and I loved everything about it. I teared up at least twice.

I'd also love to see more of this excentric universe, and what kinds of abilities other people could have/need.


This is super sweet. Highly recommend.


I'm crying. This is a beautiful, amazing, heartwarming and incredibly important piece of art. Yes, genuinely. PLEASE do yourself a favour and play it.



This had me ADHD hyperfixating and infodumping to my very tolerant long distance boyfriend throughout my playthrough. "NO BUT SEE BEING A POMERANIAN IS A METAPHOR but also literal he very much is an actual pomeranian BUT ITS ALSO LIKE SYMBOLIC???" I shrieked through my typing fingers. "AND NOW HE'S CHASING SQUIRRELS!!!" Thank god the man finds special interest rants endearing. 

This was so sweet and tragic and tender and nnnngh, so GOOD. Thank you. 


it made me cry and i liked it a lot


so soft.,., so tender.,.... im juste wahwah big baby

plsplspls play this game!! for starters who doesn't want to be a tiny pom getting spooned but also.,., im so in love with the relationship dynamics in this game *chef's kiss*


I expected a silly game based on the name and cover that captivated me to try it, only to find a very well written and fleshed out story.

I'm not ashamed to say that I teared up going all the way to the true ending, the emotions and dialogues are presented very well and it managed to make me relate a lot with the characters.

Thank you for the wonderful experience!

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Wow. I just played this, expecting it to be a funny dog twine game (bc i actually just skipped the description and downloaded because "POM SIMULATOR 9000), but it's actually so much more than that.

It's really heartfelt and loving and tender and all these nice words that make a person feel fuzzy inside!!!! and thoughtful!!! Love is wonderful.

Thank you for making this.

This was so cute. I couldnt get it to work on my tablet orriginaly and I am so glad I later gave it a go on my computer. Its a lovely story I wept gently and heck yeah dont we all want to be the little spoon sometimes

Any chance you could update the tags for this game so it'll download through the Itch desktop app? Right now it says it's not available on Windows.

does it show now?

Yes! Thank you!

I'm glad I finally got to play this game and give some money your way. I love your work because it can be so raw and hard, yet simultaneously gentle and loving. I loved this, thank you for sharing this super self indulgent, funny, emotional work.  I hope you keep on doing what you're doing for as long as you can. You've made such real characters that really were tugging at my heartstrings (and a dang interesting world too).


Wow... this game just made me cry. But in a good way, don't worry! Just... the feels... oh my, the feels...

I got the true end, and it was so amazing and made me so happy! I kind of started playing only because I had nothing else to do, but I don't regret one second of it. The way the characters are fleshed out, the glimpses you get of the world, the story progression... it was great from start to end.

I will probably play it again, even though I'm not planning on trying to get the other endings since I got the best one and I'm in love with it. But well, when I can't force myselt to do any other ending than the first one I got in a game it means it was so perfect that I feel totally fulfilled, so that's fine.

And well... Fulfilling is a good word for describing the ending. It was sweet and lovely, but not too sugary or mellow. More often than not, when you finish a visual novel or text adventure game, even with your favorite ending, there is at least one little thing that bothers you or that you'd like to be slighly different. Here, I wouldn't want anything to be any different - it was perfect.

Well, I feel like I simply repeat the same things at this point sooo... I guess I'll end it now? Anyway, this game really made me feel better even though I have lors of troubles in my life right now. It was truly a great moment, so thank you very much!

thank you so much! it really means a lot to me that you've written so much about your response and that you had such a big response to the game in the first place! i really appreciate it!

It is not working D:

sorry to hear that! can you be more specific about what isn't working? is the file not downloading? are you not able to play it in your browser? i should note i've only tested in google chrome, and while it should in theory work in all browsers, it's possible that it doesn't.