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Marisol Flores is a girl with a curse. A bizarre and incredibly powerful monster has taken a liking to her, and is now obsessed with kidnapping her. Every so often it appears, takes over the Flores household, and holds her hostage in the attic. To be frank, it's all gotten a little old.

Alejandra de Rosa is the girl with a cure. At the very least, she's a neophyte witch who has the power and knowledge to fend off weird beasts and save pretty damsels.  She's served as assistant for years to her grandmother, a powerful witch who has walked these halls many times before, driving the monster back and saving Marisol. This time, however, Alex will be doing this on her own.

It's a routine job... so why do things feel a little more dire than usual today?

US LOVELY CORPSES is a short surreal-horror-romance visual novel about helping a friend. Go through the house, cut the roses, and save the girl. Just remember: the monster knows you're here. There will be puzzles that you can only solve with hints from the roses, so try to keep an open ear while doing your job.

But keep in mind you may not want to hear everything these flowers have to say.


US LOVELY CORPSES contains sensitive, mature, and occasionally upsetting content. This game is not recommended for players under 16 or those of a nervous disposition. More detailed information can be found here.

US LOVELY CORPSES has one bad ending, another bad ending, one very bad "ending", and one True End.

Get the soundtrack here!

US LOVELY CORPSES takes place in the same universe as HER FIRE.

Edit - 3/7/2019: "US LOVELY CORPSES - ONE YEAR LATER" is now available to download. This is intended to be a sequel and will contain spoilers for the original visual novel!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(247 total ratings)
Authord Marie
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, Female Protagonist, Horror, LGBT, Romance, Story Rich, supernatural, Surreal, witches
Average sessionAbout an hour


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I loved this so much. As someone with bipolar disorder this hit home. Beautifully written!

this game is just lovely! the portrayal of mental health felt really real, and watching the story unfold was really engaging!

Def not what I expected, but this was really neat!


I was expecting something really different, but am pleasantly surprised with the story.
Super relatable. Tears were shed.
I've found myself just like both characters at different times in my life.
And it's true, it really does never leave you.

Very enjoyable short VN. I think i got the true ending in my first try tho, and after the encounter with the white rose i think i'll wait a bit to try for the bad endings haha. (I presume that it has to do with which roses you hear first? )

Both Marisol and Alex deserve a warm hug btw :D


What a lovely game! I very much enjoyed it. The way it uses VN gameplay in its own was alone was fascinating enough, but the writing and especially the scene in the True End delighted me. I quite like how Marisol's self-loathing feels frustrating in that which-wire-do-I-cut-for-this-to-not-go-south-for-my-friend way but also very visceral and understandable.

Beautiful. I favor Violets, personally, but that being said: This is beautiful, tragic, heart-rending. I was waiting for them to kiss—but I suppose they may simply be friends, just ones with more in common than either would lead you to believe. Nihilism is one of my oldest companions, and we have a long-standing love-hate relationship, so this strikes a chord or two. Mellifluous and melodious, of course, but never quite so 'pure' as the emotions distilled by a White Rose. I've pierced others with verbal Gladioli, sadly, and received in kind, yet I know there's room to heal. Perhaps we'll each seek a balm (Aloe, anyone?) and grow stronger, branching out or setting down roots.

Sorry for mingling so many puns in there; hard habit to break, especially when you're as *entangled* as I am in them. Wishing you well, along with anyone else who's seen the bleakest side of life. Vegging isn't as fun when it's not voluntary.


It was interesting how this game talked about mental well being. Thanks for making this.

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This game was truly beautiful! The metaphor of roses being feelings, the true end, all of it was wonderful from start to finish. The artwork was stunning, and I was overall hooked throughout. A great game to play if you're looking for a game that addresses real issues with a heartwarming conclusion.


An amazing game, thank you for making it!

I'm unsure if it is a bug or not; but after I listened to the white rose my game crashed.


oh gosh i forgot to reply to you! i'm so sorry, yes, that's supposed to happen!

Kind of jerk move, which cracked me up to no end. It makes sense. Alex's notes say never to listen to one, since bad things are bound to happen. Unfortunately, she never found out specifically *what* bad things! XD


If you're reading the comments to see if the game is good or not, I advise you to try it out. It was an amazing experience for me, because it handled hard but important topics in a beautiful way - not just visually, but in every way possible. In the end it actually gives you lesson aswell, a nice advise for those who are in need of it. 


It may sound odd, but this is such a lovely game! The symbolism of the flowers and ophelia, what happens f you allows yourself to listen to hateful things too much, and how in reality we aren't alone. While none of us share the exact same experiences, we all have similar feelings. And there are others who have had our thoughts, and while knowing this doesn't make us 'better' it helps us feel less alone, which helps with what we are experiencing often times.


I- genuinely, love this so much. The floral imagery with ophelia, the beautiful examples of metal illness, the sapphic lovers. This game is lovely and I hope to see more, or more games like it, one day!

This was a beautiful story, the characters were so compelling with lovely designs and the atmosphere had me hooked all the way through it. Disturbing at times yet really poignant, the end had me tearing up. As soon as I found all the endings I could I immediately downloaded One Year Later, which was a wonderful addition to the story and I'm so happy you included it. Fantastic visual novel, definitely one of my new favourites. 

Played through all the endings, what a lovely game! Very creepy in just the right way to reveal something even more human and realistic underneath. Very touching. Read the novella as well which is a very fun companion piece!

Second time playing this, still holds up to my memory and made me feel things. An awesome game and one dear to my heart.

I love this so much. The art is lovely, the story is emotional. I will definitely revisit this in the future.

beautiful game. little tears at the climax.

Me encantó el juego pero no sé si hay traducción al español :-:


So. I'd been meaning to play this for 2 years now. And I just did. And I read the prose follow up and I just really really wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this. It was a very engaging and rewarding and beautiful experience. It was wonderful. Thank you for adding good things in the world.


I'm actually in tears on finishing this story, I can't imagine having found a better or more meaningful story here. I love your art style, the visceral imagery from the roses. I couldn't have custom ordered a more perfect VN. Thank you so, so much. 

So cute!


A beautiful and surprising game.  I thought it would be just entertaining but it tells a different story. Thanks a lot for making it :)


This game is so beautiful- the music, the visuals, the concept, the writting,, its amazing! The metaphors that are used depict mental health in such a understandable and accurate way, I almost started crying multiple times. I really wish I played this game before I started therapy and medication, I can see this really helping people understand their emotions.


This game was really good. Thanks for making it!


Very beautiful game with interesting twists. Unique concept and really cute art

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From the download instructions:

download the file that matches your operating system.

What is the market file? Who should download that one?


haha, this is kind of embarrassing , but you know what? you're the very first person to ask, so i'll tell you: ULC was the first Renpy game i ever published and when i was publishing, it gave me "market" as an option.  i didn't really understand it but i didn't want to take any chances, so i just selected every option it gave me, including the market file. to this day i still really don't know what that's for. i suggest just downloading whichever one corresponds to your particular computer.

(3 edits) (+1)

This sounds like it might be it:

Windows, Mac, and Linux for Markets

A distribution that contains the information required to run on software markets like itch.io and Steam. This isn’t meant to be run directly (and probably won’t work on the Mac), but should be fed to the app store upload process.

Ren’Py docs, Building Distributions


That said, I don’t really understand it either. Sounds like metadata?

Beautiful and unexpected VN. Thank you so much for sharing. 


This was deeply emotional in a way I didn't anticipate.
To be honest, I expected full on horror, suddenly being faced with "the terrifying image of a dead body" or something lol

But no, this novel really just made me think.

About me, about how I feel & have felt, about what I can do, and about how it's ok that I can't do everything.

Honestly thank you for this game, & I can't wait to see what y'all decide to make next.

Everything about this game was AMAZING. The ending made me tear up and the One Year Later story hit me HARD. I love everything about this and thank you so much for making it. <3

Excellent game -- and the sequel story is excellent too!  

A lot of people have already mentioned that the game has a great depiction of mental illness, so I want to highlight something else: it's not mentioned much in-game, but in the sequel story One Year Later, there's some really interesting exploration of Alejandra's family, including discussions of cultural /immigrant identity and the frustrations (and joys) of being different from your parents, but different from those around you too. 

There's some great stuff in the art collection, too! Definitely worth your money.

Thank you for making this VN.

One bug that I have encountered - in the reading room, if the word entered is capitalized, it is not recognized correctly.


I can second this, I went in circles for ages thinking i was spelling it wrong or something


I absolutely adored this game. The balance between slight horror, depressing scenes, and cute stories was wonderfully perfect. I think I got the good ending, but I am excited to see what others I end up with through experimentation. 

I especially enjoyed the descriptions of mental illness. Maybe enjoyed isn't the right word, but I appreciated the accuracy of the feelings described. 

This is a game that I am certain will be played and replayed for years to come, and will still be as good as the first time I experienced it. 

For anyone reading this comment to decide whether or not to purchase: please do. This creator is amazing. 

I will be subscribing to Patreon as soon as I am able to.

very good, onwards to your comic :)

This game was honestly amazing. I also read the One Year Later story. All of it just really got to me and struck me hard. Thank you for making this game.

I love the art style! 


This is such a cute and witty little game, I definitely enjoyed it!


I ADORED this!! The art, music, and dialogue were all so charming, and it was such a lovely story. I loved Alex's interactions with the roses and Mari throughout the story as well, she was such a fun character. And wonderful character designs!! 

If I could give this game more than 5 stars, I would. It's incredible. The novella is too - it really adds to and expands upon the story presented in the game.

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