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If I could give this game more than 5 stars, I would. It's incredible. The novella is too - it really adds to and expands upon the story presented in the game.

I loved this very much <3 thank you for making this! The emotions, the writing, the creative art, and the twist at the end...though I feel like it seems a bit convenient that Marisol never knew what Alex had heh. Very good nonetheless <3

What a lovely game! The art is fantastic, with exclent staging for  VN! Alex and Mari's designs are charming, and the dialoge is excelent! 

Both the game and the novella are so amazing!! honestly i dont know what else to say but i did cry just a little bit

The novella is lovely, too!

Lela's so saucy lol

This was so tragically beautiful. I thought this was just going to be another horror click and play, same-old same-old, but this not only consumed my time, it consumed my heart. My family has a long line of depression and BP2. Finding another way to look at things really makes it so much better. Heartbreaking and yet healing. I love it.

I downloaded the one for Mac, but it won't open??

I loved this game so much ... I related heavily to the characters and the art style was absolutely beautiful. 

Decided to do a Let's Play of the game! :D

Beautiful and heartbreaking. As someone with severe depression, this hit home pretty hard. But not in a bad way, at least not at the end.  That true ending was uplifting in it's own, semi-fatalistic way.  All in all, this was a fantastic, inclusive game and I really, really hope you make more!

i think i got the true ending on my first try! yeeet!


Absolutely loved this game!

I loved this game and I now want to make fan art XD

i'm glad you liked it! and i definitely encourage fanwork! 

I'm glad I played this! I'm very finicky about horror media, but this was so sweet (in a grim way- and I mean that positively). I love these characters :)

I think I got the true ending - but I am not really sure that it is. I expected the path I went with disturbing but it comes off as sentimental. But good game anyway.

I manage to get what is probably the true ending on my first try, and given some of the talk in the warnings, I am a bit scared to try again even though I usually love 'the fourth wall will not protect you' type stories, and I somehow managed to avoid all that sort of stuff. If this game is any indication though, I love this world.



Thank you for creating this game, it was nice 2~hours experience c:

 characters and their design are adorable, i really enjoyed game's rosy atmosphere C: 

Also don't know why but your thoughts on purity really got to me... It's a nice game i hope you would make more in the future :3


I've been trying to formulate a comprehensive and thoughtful review for this game but: it gave me a few chills and the true end made me want to cry.

This is just a really well made game, and effective for its length. The way the themes and the characters' stories  unfolded with the gameplay was great and hard hitting. The monster was devastating, and very creatively represented.  It's excellent horror that's like, a raw ache, haunting in how honest and real it is. And still your humor and charm shine through here. Glad I finally got around to play this, it's another great work.


Adorable game.Loved the ending. I felt so bad for Marisol,it's difficult to feel different than other people.

glad you enjoyed it!

Heh, this made me feel happy but i relate a lot to Marisol, I think I got the 'good' end which was kinda wholesome.

thank you!


It was really sweet


i'm glad you enjoyed it!


This was an incredible experience. Everything is presented with wonderful atmosphere, and the core concept of it is unique and strong and utterly uncompromising. The way you wrote these characters, and their situation...It wound up very relatable and, relevant. I've been really enriched by being able to experience a story like this, in this way. Thankyou so much for creating and continuing to create such wonderful, fierce art!!!!

oh wow, thank you so much for this! i'm glad the game resonated so strongly with you!


I totally adored this, thanks so much for making it!!

thank YOU for playing it!


I don't know what to say. This game is sweet, and mysterious, and just scary enough to occasionally send a shiver up my spine without frightening me away.  The art is lovely, all pinks and blacks except for the roses. And I love the way it starts out as an everyday spooky flower-monster story, but gradually turns into a (much more harrowing) struggle of friendships strained by illness.

Alex and Marisol are great. You totally deserve each other, you two brilliant disasters.

thank you so much for the lovely comment! i can't tell you how much responses like this mean to me!

i'm glad you liked my girls so much! thanks again!

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No offense to You-know-what, as it is my sweet child and contains my new waifu but seriously i adore this type of horror. it didn't just leave me with a slight quake and general anger because jesus no matter what you tell me that screne was a jumpscare this is like genuinely, actual middle-of-the-night-wakeup-nightmare scary. and i ADORE it. your artstyle is amazing btw. its so original and not in the everyoneone is special tumblr way, the really cool type. i like horror that knows you're scared. that note two is like why would you do that stop. like just aghhghghg i love this game so muuchhh! i'm too much of a traumatized wreck to go for the bad endings but i bet they are great too lol.

im bad at saying things without explaining how they are better than other things, but i love this game, horror that isn't trying to be anything else, and that thing at the good end so SWEET my HEART????? 

tldr, ur game is cool

thank you for the kind words!!!


Just.. Thank you.. Thank you so much... I haven't felt this happy in awhile... The thing that Marisol said.. That's the way I feel.. But I feel like I connect more with Alex.. I just have a hard time finding a reason.. But now... I just.. See things differently! So yeah, thanks! I needed something like this in my life! (Made an account just so I could comment. Also I love the art style so much!)

oh wow, i can't tell you how much this comment means to me. ulc became a really personal project to me, and i really hoped it would touch some people. im glad you enjoyed the game so much! thank you so much for the kind words!


Great atmosphere, great characters,  great dialogues, great story. I really loved what the roses had to say and the way they said it. 
I'll try get all the bad endings (I only got one with the one i think it's the true ending) because I'm sure even those are interesting!

Special mention for the art style: it's what caught my attention and it is just so unique and pretty!

This is one of those games that, once you are finished, you are happy you played it because it changes you a little for the better. It's one of those stories that reach you when you need it and it never leaves you.
I'll keep Alejandra and Marisol in my heart for a very long time.

ahhh, i'm so glad it stuck with you so much! thank you so much for the lovely comment, i love feedback like this!


if I could, I would give you a cake for this game. 

Since I cant, here, have a comment :v 

awww, thank you!


Really fun visual novel that I was intially really spooked to play. Although I am a bit confused. I wasn't as scared when I actually played the game because I managed to get through the whole thing without being too "spooked." (I think I got the true ending because things turned out pretty sweet) I don't want to imagine what happens if you make bad choices. The warning #2 at the beginning makes me fear that I must have missed some real spooky stuff. I don't know, I don't have the courage to go back and try. ;-;

Really liked Alejandra a lot. Her character's design is great and her personality is a lot of fun. (Even when things aren't going so well.) I also really like the UI design a lot as well as the overall artwork.

Overall, it was a fun game! I'm glad I worked up the courage to play this. I made a playthrough of the game too! Keep up the great work!


oh wow!!! well first off, thanks so much for the nice feedback! 

yeah, "horror" is probably a bit of a strong description, especially with a certain very popular horror themed visual novel still in the public eye, but i think it applies to this game due to the atmosphere and my inspirations for it. i think out of the bad ends, there is one that might typically be more of a "horror" ending.

and wow, wow! i did not expect anyone to make a playthrough for this!! thank you so much! i will definitely want to watch this later! (small note, it looks like you made a typo in the link in the video's description. not to nitpick, just letting you know!)

this comment seriously made my day! thanks so much!


I fixed the link! Also thanks for the reply! I think this game is pretty creepy during some parts, so I would totally put it under the genre of horror. Haha


also, forgot to say, i have to thank for the game's great UI!!